Hot Starters - £4.95

The Meze Soup

Made fresh daily our amazing lentil soup tastes amazing complimented with fresh Turkish sliced bread.

Grilled Halloumi

Finest halloumi cheese cubed and complimented with sliced peppers.

Sigara Boregi

Turkish cigar shaped pastry made with feta cheese and phyllo dough.

Chargrilled Mushrooms

Marinated and grilled fresh mushrooms.


Mashed chickpeas, broadens and fresh vegetables fritta.


Large crispy and tasty calamari rings coated in panko breadcrumbs and deep fried, served with tartar sauce for dipping.

Hot Prawns

Panko crumb coated prawns served with sweet chilli sauce for dipping.


Sauteed lamb liver with red onions, parsley, sumac.


Slices of tasty Turkish sausage that has been chargrilled to perfection.

Brie Cheese

A perfect combination of sweet and savoury. Deep fried brie served with sweet berry sauce.

Meze Hot Platter - £15

Selection of the above - Ideal to share.

Cold Starters - £3.95

Mixed Olives

Marinated large green and black olives accompanied with peppers, garlic cloves and pickle.

Smoked Salmon

Freshly caught finest salmon served with a side salad and creme cheese.


Finely blended chick peas, tahini, mixed with fresh garlic and lemon juice, topped with olive oil & a pinch of chilli.


Fresh yogurt, finely chopped cucumber and dill, crushed fresh mint and garlic, a very refreshing dip.


Grape vine leaves stuffed with cooked rice, caramelised onions and mint.


Cod roe mixed with fresh lemon juice, vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Ideal for dipping.

Meze Cold Platter - £10

Selection of the above (Includes Kisir & Tabule) - Ideal to share.

Mains - £12.95

All mains are served on a garnish of tortilla with The Meze signature salad.

Chicken Kofte

Hand made chicken mince flavoured with herbs and peppers, a light dish that has been carefully marinated so it's full of flavour.

Lamb Kofte

Hand made lamb mince flavoured with herbs and peppers, a light dish that has been carefully marinated for maximum flavour.

Chicken Shish

Marinated in our unique recipe, large cubes of the finest sourced chicken breast juicy and chargrilled to perfection.

Chicken Thigh

Chargrilled tender juicy boneless thighs

Signature Chicken Wings

Our juicy chicken wings are larger than average.

The Meze Mixed Combo

A combination of The Meze two most popular dishes, chicken and lamb shish (£7 surcharge)

Lamb Shish

Large cubes of tender prime lamb cuts chargrilled to perfection and fitted with flavour (£2 surcharge)

Lamb Chops

Best end cut, the most tender lamb chops you will taste, succulent and juicy, served of the bone for maximum flavour (£5 surcharge)

Lamb Ribs

Succulent juicy ribs served on the bone for a full flavour


Our lamb and beef premium doner is freshly made on site so you will taste the difference! Cook on an upright rotisserie and carved freshly to your plate.

The Meze Steak

Premium corn-fed 28 day matured 10oz steak, cubed and cooked to perfection. (£7 surcharge)

The Meze Sliders

Three mini burgers wrapped in lettuce and a brioche bun - Add cheese £1.50

Vegetable Shish

Aubergine, peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomatoes chargrilled for the best taste.

Chargrilled Sea Bass

Two fillets of freshly caught sea bass

Kids Meal - £5.00

Chicken shish or x1 mini burger served with option of chips or rice.

Sides - £2.50




Sides - £2.50



Sweet Potato Chips

Sides - £2.50


Onion Rings



Special Platter - £45

Maximum 4 people
Rice, Burger and salad. topped with chicken shish, lamb shish, chicken kofte, lamb kofte, doner, lamb ribs, lamb chops and chicken wings

Chicken Platter - £35

Maximum 4 people
Rice, bulgar and salad. Topped with chicken shish, chicken kofte, chicken wings and chicken thighs.

Lunch Special

Try one of our delicious wraps, chicken shish, lamb kofte, chicken kofte, for just £6.95.
Served lunch time Monday - Friday

Desserts - £4.95


A chocolate brownie covered with a chocolate fudge sauce, topped with dark chocolate fudge sauce, topped with dark chocolate mousse decorated with a scattering of milk chocolate shavings and a light sugar dusting.


Toffee and fresh bananas, topped with double cream and milk chocolate crust set on a digestive base.


A crisp digestive biscuit base topped with a Lemon & Mascarpone cheesecake, decorated with a smooth lemon curd cream scattered with roasted flaked almonds and dusted with icing sugar.


A silky and smooth white chocolate cheese all a-swirl with vibrant red raspberry. Hand-fired and glazed in simple elegance.


Traditional Turkish pastry dessert made with chocolate, pistachios and served with ice cream.


Award winning range of sorbet made with selected fruits, dairy and gluten free, the perfect accompaniment with every meal.


3 scoops of vanilla ice cream.